We are under way with help from our good friend Kyrie White!

Kyrie hard at work stapling our raffle tickets!

Just an inspiration for the day:)
We asked our very good friend and Wish Child Kyrie White to help us staple together our books of Orange Lake Resorts raffle tickets which will help to raise more money for the kids. Without hesitation Kyrie went right to work.
Stapling has begun by Kyrie…our amazing Wish Kid! Kyrie is 8 years old and suffers from a disease called short bowl syndrome. Basically his intestines were born outside his body. This little guy spent 3 years in the hospital. Today he only has 12″ of intestine and will live with this a life time.
He smiles every day! His mom is the Program Director for A Wish Come True. You all will meet him at the event!
Thanks Kyrie!