Ever Wonder Where Your Donations Go?

On May 8th, I visited the Izzy Room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The Izzy Room provides free food for patients, their parents and their siblings. The Izzy Room is a bright and colorful place that parents can go for a hot meal while their child is being treated. It’s also a place where brothers and sister can go while parents are tending to other matters. Not only does the Izzy Room offer a warm and friendly environment, but it also offers books, games and craft days. On my visit during lunch on May 8th patient, parents and family members all participated in a lip balm making class. The friendly staff served lunch while the craft provider taught everyone how to make lip balm. The staff and craft providers are all volunteers. Your generous donations provide food, books and toys for patients and their families which can be used in the Izzy Room or can be taken back to the patients room. I would advise everyone at some point to visit this wonderful place. Thank you so much for your contributions. They make this all possible.


(Rock N Jock Charities, Chairman)

The warm and friendly volunteers serving a delicious lunch at the Izzy Room.

Lunch is served!

Parents help themselves.

Patients, Moms, Dads, and Siblings all join in at Lip Balm Craft class.