Rock N Jock Donates in Honor or TJ.

Rock N Jock Charities donates money to two major charities every year. Rock N Jock also makes smaller donations to a number of other organizations. In memory of Steve Smith and the Naked’s former baritone sax player, Thomas J. Schwartz, RNJ has donated money and musical instruments to the Woonsocket Middle School were TJ taught math for over fourteen years. The donations are awarded in the name of the student who excels in math and music at the Middle School. Over the last four years Rock N Jock Charities in cooperation with the Rhode Island Music Hall Fame’s health awareness program Tune In, Tune Up, has donated a Baritone Sax, a Tuba, an Alto Sax and a French Horn. Rock N Jock also donates money to the schools repair fund to help maintain any instrument that needs repair. This years wish list for Woonsocket Middle School is a set of Chimes. A fund has been set up to raise the $3300.00 for new Chimes for the middle school. Rock N Jock Charities and Tune In, Tune up will be making contributions this year toward that goal.


The Thomas J. Schwartz Math and Music Award.

Keeping Thomas J. Schwartz’s memory alive through Math and Music.
French Horn: Elijah Greene,
Tuba: Eli Guilbault, Alto Sax: Elijah Lugo-Paul, Baritone Sax: Bailey Webb


The Thomas J. Schwartz Award prominently displayed and the kids with our donated instruments.  Band Director: Nicole Worzel, Baritone Sax: Bailey Webb, Alto Sax: Elijah Lugo-Paul,  French Horn: Elijah Greene and Yours truly! Tuba: Eli Guilbaul not present.